How to Hit 1,000 Balls in a Row

  1. Increase your margin for error by hitting high over the net. Raise the height of the ball with a lob or semi-lob in response to a difficult “get” to allow time to get back into position.
  2. Maintain good footwork. Keep your feet constantly moving. Take a number of adjustments steps in preparation for each and every shot. Be prepared to scramble to retrieve an errant or misdirected shot.
  3. Hit past the service line (preferably having the ball bounce midway between the service line and the baseline) and to the middle 1/3 of the court.
  4. Maintain a sound stroke pattern with a long extension through the strike zone and a consistent finish and look to your stroke.
  5. Relax your grip and support the racquet with your non-hitting hand between shots to reduce fatigue.
  6. Hit at a manageable pace. Take pace off the ball (with spin) when the tempo of the rally starts getting out of control.
  7. Keep your head down at the point of contact (through the finish of the stroke) to maintain your racquet plane and to ensure solid and consistent contact in the sweet spot of the racquet.
  8. Count out loud (one to keep track of where you are in the count and two to help your rhythm and timing).
  9. Pick a good partner (someone with compatible hitting skills and patience).
  10. Choose a well-groomed court and pray for favorable bounces or if you are so inclined, a not so well groomed court where the lines are barely distinguishable.

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