How to Start Your Young Child in Tennis

  1. Start by passing the ball back and forth on the ground or court.  Introduce forehand and backhand options.
  2. Have your child practice racquet skills (ups, downs and up-bounce-up’s) to establish and improve control of the racquet face and “feel” for the length of racquet.
  3. Have your child drop hit balls (with forehands and backhands) to learn how to initiate a rally.
  4. Hand feed balls with an underhand toss to practice groundstrokes and volleys.
  5. Establish target goals with drop/hits and feeds. Establish cross court/down-the-line, net clearance and depth targets.
  6. Start up close and work back. Start drop/hits, rallies and serves up close to the net. Progress back to the baseline with success.
  7. Emphasize control and consistency (“hit the ball over the net and into the court”).
  8. Have your child recite “bounce” and “hit” when hitting groundstrokes to establish timing and rhythm.
  9. Count (1, 2, 3, etc.) to track progress with rallies.
  10. Make it fun and be supportive

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