My name is Steve Gallagher.  I’m a USPTA Elite Professional.  I have been teaching tennis and running tennis programs for over 45 years.  This site will feature a series of articles on tennis. Each article will include 10 different observations, pointers and/or suggestions. Most articles will have an instructional theme.  Some articles will not be based on instruction. Some of the content will be funny. Some of the content will not be funny (or not deliberately funny).  The pace of entries will be fast and furious (at least initially).  I’m open to writing about any tennis topic.  Please feel free to send me your suggestions (scgtennis@yahoo.com).

Included below is a list of the latest posts.


Ideal Warm-Up or Start to a Practice Session

Included below is a layout with options and progressions for an ideal warm-up or start to your practice to prepare for competition (applicable for two hitting partners or a group or team of players).