My Tennis Teaching Philosophy

Listed below are the practices and commitments I have followed to guide my teaching career as a tennis professional.

  1. Make a commitment to ensure all players learn something new, have fun and get a good workout each lesson.
  2. Teach players how to have the most possible fun on the court. Tennis is more fun with the development of skills (the ability to do more with the ball, cover and incorporate more of the court, sustain a rally, execute specific stroke patterns and combinations, etc.).
  3. Actively engage players in the process of learning and acquiring new skills. Encourage dialogue, questions, and input, particularly in defining direction and goals.
  4. Believe anyone can be a great player regardless of prior athletic training or ability. Do everything possible to help players reach their potential.
  5. Maintain versatility in my approach to teaching and learning. Be prepared to vary my teaching style based on the personality, temperament and needs of the player and the goals of the lesson plan.
  6. Do not believe there is one way to hit a tennis ball but acknowledge there are better (more efficient and productive) ways to execute each stroke and stroke pattern.
  7. Appreciate and teach different playing styles and strategies.
  8. Be results-oriented. Believe in the importance of setting and reaching specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound (S.M.A.R.T) goals.
  9. Do not cut corners or look for short-term fixes to problems. Do the first things first, build foundations, follow progressions and work towards long-term solutions. Value the importance of repetition and staying with something until you get it right.
  10. Be passionate in introducing new players to the game of tennis. Commit to getting beginning players excited and having fun on the court rallying, playing, and developing new skills.
  11. Value the importance of hard work and dedication. Do not be afraid to place demands on my players.
  12. Value patience, positive reinforcement, and encouragement. Recognize the importance of building relationships, trust, and confidence with your players.
  13. Commit to developing and upgrading my skills by observing play at all levels, researching the newest techniques, communicating with your professional peers, etc. Make it a goal to expand my base of knowledge and understanding of the game. Become a resource for all things to do with tennis.
  14. Exude my love for tennis and the lifestyle benefits of tennis. Recognize my role to promote the game and keep players enthused and having fun on the court.

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