What You Can Learn by Watching the Pros

Here are 10 things to look for in analyzing play.

  1. What is the player’s shot tolerance? How many shots is the player comfortable hitting in a rally before pulling the trigger and/or attempting something different to conclude the point?
  2. How does the player best neutralize a point when on defense?
  3. How does the player best successfully conclude a point when on offense?
  4. What patterns does the player use to create openings and expose an opponent’s weakness?
  5. How early or late on average does the player take the ball after the bounce? Is the preference to play tight to the baseline and take the ball on the rise or is the preference to play from a deeper court position?
  6. What are the service target tendencies for the player for first and second serves and how are decisions influenced by the opponent and score?
  7. How does the player play the big points? Is the tendency to be more or less aggressive?
  8. How agile and fluid is the player in covering the court? What footwork patterns does the player utilize in moving to the ball and in recovery after the shot?
  9. How does the player win most of his/her points and conversely, how does the player lose most of his/her points? What is the ratio between winners and unforced errors?
  10. How well does the player manage emotions particularly during critical stages of the match?  What rituals and techniques does the player exhibit to maintain intensity and focus?

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