How to Play Big and Bold Tennis

  1. Crowd the baseline.  Take balls on the rise and the short hop to give your opponent less time to respond, shorten his/her court perspective and to place yourself in a position to jump on anything hit short or hit defensively.
  2. Look to end the point in three or fewer shots.
  3. Establish patterns, adjust your court positioning and maneuver your feet to hit most balls off your strongest side.  Use redirection to encourage players to hit to your strength.  Step around your backhand to hit your forehand (assuming your forehand is your strongest shot).
  4. Take chances and go for more on your first serve.
  5. Take chances and go for more on your serve return.
  6. Approach and close the net in response to any ball hit short.
  7. Be extremely active and command the net in doubles.  Gamble and cross whenever you can.  Close in tighter and sooner than your opponents on every volley exchange.
  8. Project a bold, confident persona.  Walk the walk.
  9. Seize the opportunity when hitting from a favorable court position.  Give yourself the green light and attack when hitting from inside the baseline.
  10. Don’t dwell on lost points.  The goal with an attacking, aggressive game plan is not to win every point just most the points.

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