Ten Basic Doubles Tips (Applicable to All Levels of Play)

  1. Get your first serve in play. Play high percentage first strike tennis with the goal to hold serve as a first priority each and every match.  Maintain applied and consistent pressure on your opponents.
  2. Get the serve return back in play. Make your opponents hit shots (no freebies).
  3. Close into the net on anything hit short or in your strike zone (preferably together with your partner or to join your partner at the net).
  4. Don’t let the ball bounce when positioned at the net.
  5. Go if given the opportunity to cross into the court to intercept a shot or return (no hesitation or second guessing).
  6. Crowd the center of the court and don’t let anything pass you down the middle. Make your opponents try to beat you out wide.
  7. Drift in and to the middle of the court in response to every well hit shot by your partner (particularly balls hit low at the feet of your opponents).
  8. Don’t force shorts (or try for too much). Play within your own abilities and make no mistakes in the net or out wide.
  9. Work and move in conjunction with your partner. Blanket the court together to close off all possible opponent hitting angles and windows.  As an example, follow the line of the ball in concert with your partner when positioned at the net.
  10. Regularly communicate with your partner and support your partner (whether things are going well or badly).


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