How to Slide on Clay

Here are ten quick and easy tips (reminders) to better slide on clay (clay composition) courts.

  1. Use an open stance when sliding to the ball with your forehand groundstroke. Use an open or closed stance when sliding to the ball with your backhand groundstroke.
  2. Plant your lead (or front) foot earlier than you would on a hard court so you slide into and not past the shot.
  3. Set the toes of your lead (or front) foot in the direction of your path to the ball. It’s easy to catch your foot and fall if your toes are turned inward or not leading into the slide.
  4. Apply equal pressure on the ball and heel of your lead (or front) foot. Be careful not to dig in with your toes or heel.
  5. Approach the slide with a lower center of gravity and wider stance.
  6. Make sure your lead (or front) foot is bent in starting the slide.
  7. Flex and relax your back leg and drag the toes of your back leg with the slide.
  8. Apply pressure and load your weight onto your lead (or front) foot to bring your body to a stop.
  9. Remember to turn and coil with your upper body and set your racquet in preparation to hit the ball with the slide.
  10. In executing the shot, transfer your weight back across your body from your lead (or front) foot to your secondary (or back) foot to complete the stroke and better recover for the next shot.

Slide well and have fun.

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