Competition Rocks! Ten Reasons to Embrace Competition on the Tennis Court

  1. Competitive tennis rewards the value of hard work and discipline in practice and preparation.
  2. Competitive tennis heightens alertness and the intensity of action.
  3. With a heightened level of activity and action, competitive tennis burns more calories and provides a greater conditioning benefit.
  4. Competitive tennis provides a great opportunity to learn how to manage and control your capacity to deal with stress. Successful tennis players tend to be more relaxed with low levels of resting tension.
  5. Competitive tennis teaches players how to manage mistakes and the percentages of risk. Successful tennis players learn how to play within their own abilities and skill set and when and how to take risks.
  6. The nature of competitive tennis teaches players how to deal with adversity and changing conditions and variables.
  7. Competitive tennis teaches players how to solve problems. The nature of the game requires players to solve problems of angles, geometry and physics.
  8. Competitive tennis promotes sportsmanship and positive social behavior. Successful players know how to win and lose with grace, honor and dignity.
  9. Competitive tennis promotes tactical and strategic thinking. To be successful, players need to respond to different playing situations, opponents, playing styles and circumstances.
  10. Competitive tennis is fun. The physical and mental challenge of tennis is engaging to the mind and spirit particularly in a competitive match in which the outcome is truly in doubt.

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