Top 10 Forehand Tips

  1. Hit it in.
  2. Develop a low to high, extended finish stroke pattern for better control.
  3. Take a number of adjustments steps prior to each shot to ensure the best possible balanced hitting position.
  4. In preparation for the shot, set the hitting and non-hitting hands in line with the flight of the ball to improve rhythm and timing of your swing.
  5. Hit cross-court and high over the net for better consistency.
  6. Hit for depth to push your opponent behind the baseline and to give you more time to set up for your next shot.
  7. Hit with underpspin to change pace and disrupt rhythm.
    8. Hit from an open stance to improve recovery.
  8. When positioned inside the baseline, redirect the ball down the line or hit a cross-court angle.
  9. When you have a chance to rip it, RIP IT!

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