How to Disguise Your Shots and Game Plan (Keep Your Opponent Guessing)

  1. Set up early with good footwork (adjustment steps) and mechanics to literally “freeze” your opponent.
  2. Vary spin (type and degree). Develop skill to generate more or less spin from same set position.
  3. Vary pace. Don’t be characterized as a “banger” or “pusher”.
  4. Change patterns of play (short and deep, cross-court and down-the-line, stay back and close, etc.).
  5. Develop all-court skills to be in a position to vary style of play (serve and volley, aggressive baseline, counterpunch, etc.) as necessary.
  6. Vary height, net clearance and trajectory, remembering to incorporate the lob into your shot arsenal.
  7. Vary location and direction, particularly with finishing shots (i.e. passing shots), serves and defensive replies.
  8. Hit from an open stance, particularly off the forehand side.
  9. Maintain an even temperament. Control emotions, particularly when under pressure.
  10. Mask and/or feign fatigue. Take more or less time between points and changeovers.

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